All servers should be up. If a server is down, please check the topic in #Discord to confirm.

We have four servers, rates are;
Charm, 50/50/50 (Future Open)
Nocturna, 500/500/120 (Future Open)
Primal, 10/10/10 (Future Open)
Mayaan, 2000/2000/2000 (Open)

WoE runs twice a week on all servers;
22:00-23:00 (PM) GMT on Wednesday
6:00-7:00 (AM) GMT on Sunday


The Donation System is currently down!

The reward system/donation system is explained in detail further down this page.

All the money that you donate to the server will go towards keeping the server running, paying for monthly bandwidth costs and getting better hardware to provide a lagless gaming experience for everyone. We do not take any of this money for ourselves. Note that this is called a "donation", you are not obligated to make one.

IMPORTANT: After donating you should receive TWO emails. First one from Paypal, and then one from us ( If you do not receive an email from us, please PM Mike on the forums as soon as possible with all the details. You will definately receive your credits!

Every donation, no matter how small, is appreciated.

Thank you,
aeRO GM Team

Contents -

> Donation Rewards
> How to donate (Paypal explanation)
> Getting donation Rewards (npc)
> Server specifics

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> Donation Rewards

$35 - 1 God credit
$70 - 2 God credits
$140 - 4 God credits
$280 - 9 God credits + Tuxedo [1] +10

> God itens
Sunglasses [1] = 1 credit /Closed day 18/07
Lord Kaho's Horn +10 = 2 credits /Closed day 18/07
Mjolnir +10 = 2 credits / Closed day 18/07
Brisingamen +10 = 2 credits /Closed day 18/07
megins Meginjard +10 = 2 credits
ice Ice Pick +10 = 2 credits
broca Brocca +10 = 2 credits
ck Combat Knife +10 = 2 credits
sage Sage Worm Card = 1 credit


> Limited-time donations

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> Donating

PicPay: @aero2

Caixa Econimica Federal
AG: 0743
CP: 15285-6
Felipe Clemente da Silva
CPF: 034.297.693-10


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> Donation NPC

Instead of the original webpanel we had for aeRO2 donations, we have changed to an npc system that allows you to receive your donation directly from an npc.

Firstly, go to prontera and talk to the santa girl npc.

If you've donated, the npc will warp you to the donation NPC. If you haven't the npc will ignore you.

Once you're at the donation NPC, click it and select one of the options. The instructions on the npc are pretty self explanatory.

-- View donation status
Gives you information on yoru donations, how many credits you have and how many you have used.

-- Look up ID by name
Donations are given according to their corresponding "Name ID"s within the game database. So... in order to get the ID of an ancient glove, type "glove_" in the text box that appears. "glove" or "slotted glove" will not work. RO empire has a list of all items and their IDs if you can't find them via the npc due to different spelling, etc.

Write down the ID of the item you'd like to get (or memorize it). To get out of this dialogue, type 0 and you will be sent back to the original menu.

-- Get an Item
Input the ID of the item you want into this box and the NPC will give you the donation item. This is irreversible, so please make sure you have the right number! To quit this menu, type 0.

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> Server specifics

All Gods and cards are available on Mayaan and Nocturna.

In Charm, "true" gods are not available, but rare items that have been listed under the "god" category are. So... Mjolnir, Kaho horns, etc are no longer available on charm, but Pole Axes, Combat knives, etc.. are still attainable.

Primal has no donation system.